Studio News: 

We are temporarily moving!  

As we wrap up the Spring Season, we will be shutting our doors and heading to Washington, DC for a few years.  As a result, we will not be offering any more classes in BCS and our product inventory is extremely low.  I'll be busy working on finishing some outstanding custom orders before the move, and once the new studio is set up in DC this fall, I'll get busy updating the shop with new products.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported the studio either though taking classes or purchasing original White Lotus pieces.  Your patronage is invaluable!


Each piece of pottery is handmade and completely unique. 

My work is designed for daily, functional use. 

The positive energy that fueled the creation of each item serves 

its users while bringing a fresh aesthetic to the table.


Endless gratitude to Will Talamelli for creating this beautiful film.