Seconds: Modern Teapot

Seconds: Modern Teapot

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"Seconds" is a term potters use for pieces that are discounted for one reason or another.  It may be because the glaze crawled (as is the case with these teapots), or a minor imperfection in craftsmanship, a crack in the clay, or simply because the artist doesn't love the way the piece turned out.  Typically, seconds are still usable, functional pieces - a wonderful opportunity to purchase a lovely handmade piece for a great price!


These teapots are dishwasher and microwave safe.  They are not safe to use over a burner/stovetop as the intense direct heat on isolated parts of the teapot can cause the piece to crack.  


    While it is rare and we do everything we can to ensure your products arrive in one piece, these fagile ceramic items can break in the shipping process.  In the event of damage during shipping, a new item will be delivered or a refund will be offered.


    This item will be shiped in 5-10 business days.  Custom orders take 3-8 weeks for completion.  

  • Care Instructions

    My handmade pottery is food safe and lead free.  The kiln is heated to over 2000 degrees making my work ideal for drinking, serving, and baking. 

    Unless I have added gold to accent a piece, my pottery is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.  Avoid using harsh scrub pads to clean your pottery as they can scratch the surface.  Never remove stoneware from a hot dishwasher and place something cold in it. 

    When using pottery in the oven, never put a cold pot in a hot oven – always place the pottery into a cold oven, then bring it up to temperature.  Do NOT pre-heat the oven.  Avoid sudden temperature changes as thermal shock can cause the pottery to crack or break.  Never use stoneware on a stovetop or open flame.